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PonyPak for Sport Divers

Developed for the Sport Diver - the "Sport" version mounts onto any BCD.  

Located at the diver's center of gravity - it disappears from the diver's awareness - until the second anyone needs it.  For either a 13 or 19 cft tank, the highly compact integrated 1st stage, is refilled from a compressor or another tank and includes a pressure gauge.

The 2nd stage regulator and hose are neatly clipped to the harness for easy, streamlined access.  

With a variety of band lengths available, the harness may be configured for any tank size up to 80 cft (for side mount configuration)

PonyPak for Professional Divers

A robust, solid harness configured for 19 cft tanks with streamlined 2nd stage clipping system.  The compact, integrated tank valve/ 1st stage, is an environmentally sealed diaphragm rated to 29/34 degree (salt/fresh water). 

The integrated 4-port gas block selects any of three (3)  air sources for the diver.  The large selector knob always points in the direction of the source. (Back/ Main, Front/Pony, Left/ External).

The "external" Gas IN allows quick connect 
for all the following situations --- all with no one removing their mask!

- Two FFM divers to "buddy breathe,"  
-  Connect External RIT bottles
- Connect PonyPak's HP, SSA Umbilical (with integrated Gas Block 1st Stage)
- Emergency connect HP SSA "at depth" (with Integrated Umbilical 1st Stage)

In the event of entanglement, the diver can perform a complete equipment ditch, and rise to safety with only PonyPak & FFM as "escape system."

PonyPak for Technical / Rebreather Divers

Rebreather divers need "bailout."  Technical Divers carry multiple tanks.  Both  can now benefit from the comfort of FFM diving - with added safety of diver/diver/ surface communication.

Twin side mounted tanks are quick connected into PonyPak's integrated 4 Port Gas Block.  The 4th  port can accept back-mounted gas sources.  

The selector knob always points in the direction of the source, to provide a single LP gas feed to the diver's Full Face Mask.

Maintain perfect balance and trim.  And gain the added safety of 360 degree audio Comms,  both for enjoyment and emergency situations.

Umbilical Systems

The world's first fully integrated  umbilical system, with "double redundancy."

PonyPak's SINGLE umbilical line delivers: HP gas, 5k lbs. safety tether, 1080P Video, Duplex Audio and dual, 12vdc power circuits, down a single, industrial sheath protected, light weight, flexible umbilical .......... no larger than your little finger (1/2").

Simply "Plug & Play" the umbilical into the Redundant PonyPak and FFM, then "swim like a sport diver."   300' are easily deployed from a small reel, that connects  all "services" within the umbilical.  It even has distance markings every 10 feet!

Fully integrated & compact, it "flies as regular luggage" on a commercial airline." 

InfiniPak Umbilical

Developed at the request of dive teams not requiring independent redundancy,  and/or  require a clear front torso, PonyPak developed the "InfiniPak".

PonyPak's new Yoke 1st Stage now includes a High Pressure Gas IN port.  

The Umbilical system connects directly to the main tank, allowing it to be "refilled breath for breath," from the surface.  This also allows the diver's tank pressure to be controlled from the surface, even maintaining  it at a full 3,000 PSI pressure...."infinitely."  

In the event of SSA loss the diver still has a full main tank, for bailout.