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Our Mission

PonyPak believes no diver should enter the underwater world, without a secondary air source, that is independant of the main, and will deliver the diver to the surface with the same margin of safety as the main source: normal ascent rates, with full safety stop.

PonyPak is the first system, to deliver that promise, in a package that is completely transparent in the water. PonyPak's patented, four point, quick release system places your redundant air at your center of gravity. It disappears from your awareness - until the second it is needed..... anyone.

For Professional Divers, the need for safety is even greater.   Simply "Plug & Play" PonyPak's Patent-Pending "Umbilical System" into the  "Redundant System" and gain Unlimited Air, 1080P Video, Duplex Audio, 5,000 lbs. test Safety Tether and Dual, 12 VDC Accessory Power Circuits.  This is connected to a communications control center that allows everything seen and said by four divers (and their tender) - and their GPS location, to be monitored and recorded, both internally and remotely, on any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone - anywhere on the planet!

All services are delivered to the diver within a 300' umbilical --- that is "the size of your little finger" ---  in a total  system package that "flies as regular luggage" on a commercial airline.