... for two full face masked divers  to "buddy breathe" from each other's main tank, with no diver removing his mask. 

... entangled divers can ditch all their equipment, and rise to safety, with no mask removal.

... "Plug & Play" the entire Umbilical System

... Quick Connect an "Emergency" Surface Air Supply to a trapped diver - at depth - who first entered the water without surface supply.


... stepped down to a "user definable" intermediate pressure, nominally 1,500 psi. If the source drops below 800 psi, an alarm sounds to alert the tender.

... Triple Redundancy: For backup the GasPak also  includes  "60 min" SCBA tank, either for temporary use while cycling main tank sources, or in the event of compressor interruption.  

... First & Second Redundancies, are on the diver himself (Main & PonyPak), and are easily selected via  the integrated 4-port gas block.  


... High Pressure gas, to an1st stage regulator, integrated with the 4- port gas block.  No pneumo line required.

... It also includes: 
- 5,000 lbs. test Safety Tether
- 1080P HD Video Line
- Duplex (4 wire) Audio
 -Two, 12VDC Accessory Power lines (ie. heated undergarments, high power lights, tools & data sensors).

... Everything is delivered within a 300' umbilical that is only 1/2" in diameter.  It is deployed from a single small reel, within which all services (gas, tether, data, power) are mated into a single, tough,  light weight, flexible braided sheath.  

... A single "mini-cable" that is ready for any mission, any time, anywhere. 


... is the center of all communications and documentation, both locally and remote.  Integrates any Audio Communication system.

Concurrently records all Diver/Diver/Surface A/V communications with GPS for:

- Four (4) Divers
- 1080P HD Video
- Duplex (4 wire) Audio
- Onto 128G SSD
- Mirror Backup to 128G SD Card 
-  Records all GPS data

- OUT's include real time Audio/HDMI/Headphone- Download: Wireless

- Low Temp: -20C

- Remote Broadcast: 3G/4G, real-time, all A/V/GPS data to any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone.


... is applicable for "unique" situations, where "independant" redundancy is not required (shallow depth/swift water recovery) or where the  U/W work requires the diver's front torso to be completely free of equipment - again, in relatively shallow water.

The diver's main tank pressure is controlled from surface. It maintains the same pressure as is set by the tender, operating the GasPak. This pressure can be all the way up to the main tank's full rated pressure (usually 3,000 psi).

The InfiniPak is "redundancy" - however it is not "Independent" redundancy, as required by OSHA/NFPA rules for certain operations. 

It does allow an InfiniPak diver to "share" his Surface Supplied air, with  a trapped diver, and it works both with Standard Scuba and FFM equipment setups.