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The "Heart" of the PonyPak System is Air Redundancy.  Front mounted (also side mount  convertible, underwater),  PonyPak's integrated 4 Port Gas Block allows "never before" safety options.  These include the ability......


The GasPak independently distributes high pressure gas to two divers, from any source: Scuba or SCBA tanks, or HP compressor.  The "variable" HP sources is then.....


For Commerical Divers - heavy, difficult to manage,  2" hoses, with "duct-taped" ancillary lines .... is ancient technology.  

PonyPak delivers every required diver service, through a SINGLE  umbilical - size of your little finger!    "Everything" includes...


Communication IS important.  But no more so than complete real-time documentation  of everything seen, heard and spoken, by every diver and tender... including their location!

And that includes real-time "mirror" recording (and communication) not just locally, but also remotely, on any PC/Tablet or Smart Phone on the planet!      The VideoPak......


For Commercial Divers who need Surface Supplied Air, and clear front torso:  PonyPak's new 1st Stage regulator provides  a High Pressure Gas IN Port.  

Connect the Umbilical ReelPak  to the InfiniPak, the diver's Main  tank is refilled, "breath for breath" and be "infinitely" maintained at any tank pressure up to 3,000 psi.....  The innovative design includes......

Welcome to PonyPak Systems

This preliminary website shows only some of the components we've developed for underwater applications. Additional components allow our umbilical system to work identically in terrestrial operations, including confined spaces, hazmat and in time EOD. 

We are working diligently to begin production 3rd Qtr, 2019, following independent testing and certificaiton.

Please contact us either directly or through the web form below.  This will allow us to keep you informed about initial and ongoing product availability.

Thank you.

William (Bill) Messner

CEO & Product Designer

Umbilical Wreck Penetration Dive

- Unlimited High Pressure Surface Supplied Breathing Gas
- Double Air Redundancy
- Recordable Real Time Audio/Video/GPS Communications
- Integrated LED Lights
- Realtime Broadcast to any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone
- 5,000 lbs Safety Tether
- Dual 12 VDC Accessory Power Circuits (i.e. Heated    Undergarments, Lights, tools, Sensors)
 - Fully integrated into 300' umbilical, only 1/2" in diameter
- Transports as "Regular Luggage" on Commercial Airline

PonyPak for Sport Divers

In the event of equipment entanglement....self-extraction may be the only way to safety.

Perfect Balance & Trim - No obstruction during "work or play"

This video show a Full Equipment Ditch from 50'

Ascent: Normal Rate with 3 min Safety Stop

PonyPak Redundant System for Divers with Full Face Mask

Simulating an equipment entanglement, the diver switches  Integrated 4-Port Gas Block to the PonyPak.  

Then performs a full equipment ditch  without removing his FFM.

The "Escape" is from within the engine room of a shipwreck, at 80' depth. Ascent Rate: Normal / Full 3 min. Safety Stop

Umbilical Deep Dive Test to 120'

First Deep Dive Test of the Umbilical System by

Designer, William Messner, at Mermet Springs, IL

Confined Spaces: Complete Equipment Ditch Inside 36" Tunnel

Simulates an entangled diver, inside at 36" tunnel.

Diver performs a full equipment ditch and "escape" without removing his FFM, entirely within a highly confined underwater space, at approximately 40' depth.

Public Safety Dive Test

Demonstration Test, by Public Safety Divers

The VideoPak is the 1st generation, (Single Diver Analog

The VideoPak is now 1080P, and supports
Four Divers with Video, Audio, GPS and
3G/4G Real-Time broadcast to any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone

PonyPak Booth at DEMA 2015, Showing Complete Product Line

Short Video, show all PonyPak Products for both U/W and Surface "Confined Space" operations.  You are welcome to pause the video to read the side bar information describing the application for each component.

Supports 4 Divers + Tender
Realtime Record/Broadcast

Remote Video
Monitoring & Recording
PC/Tablet/Smart Phone

Remote GPS
Monitoring & Recording
PC/Tablet/Smart Phone

FFM Mounted
1080P IP Camera

InfiniPak 1st Stage
with HP Gas IN Port

Professional Integrated
Tank Valve / 1st Stage

Sport Integrated
Tank Valve / 1st Stage

With or Without
4-Port Gas Block

4 Port Gas Block - with Integrated 1st Stage for Connection to Umbilical System.

Gas Block with QD on Port 4 - 
for Insertion of "Buddy Hose" or Altenrate LP Gas Sounces.

Gas Block QD'd to "Emergency HP Surface Supply"  via PonyPak Rapid Response 1st Stage Regulator

Upper PonyPak Harness Attachments for security in any diver orientation - including Upside Down

Lower PonyPak Harness Attachments for security in any diver orientation - including Upside Down. Includes integrated D-Ring (Production Units will be SS)

Any HP Gas Source
Two Independent Divers.  Production Units will support Four (4) divers or "Confined Space" Responders.

300' Length x 1/2" OD
Two Independent Divers

Sport PonyPak is quickly convertible from front to side mount (and back) - underwater.

Complete Four Diver Unbilical System "flies as regular luggage on a commercial airline, or by SUV to remote water entry locations.

PonyPak live of dive safety systems for Commercial inspection, SAR and Surface Confined Spaces.

VideoPak "bidirectional broadcasts" in realtime (via 4G) to any PC/Tablet/Smartpone - anywhere.  Remote operators can communicate (Audio & Video)  in real-time, directly with U/W Divers or Surface Responders.

Fully Integrated, Rapidly Deployable
Life-Support System
Supports Four (4)Divers/Technicians
All Environments 
Subsea & Terrestrial

Input gas: up to 6,000 psi. Output: User-determined.

Fully Integrated within a 300' micro-umbilical.....

......"the size of your little finger."

Coils onto a deployment reel only 2'x2'x2'

Supports 4 people, with Full Communications Suite (Video, Audio, GPS and Dive Computer Data)

Real-time 4G (5G) Bidirectional Broadcast to any Smartphone, PC/Tablet, anywhere.

Real-time In Situ Diver & Technician communication with remotely located, Subject Matter Experts, Medical Staff, Classrooms & Benefactors

The world's most advanced rapidly deployable

Life-Support System

Operational Environments:

    Underwater, Terrestrial  / Hazmat & Confined Spaces 


     1st Responder / Law Enforcement Search & Recovery

     Commercial Diving:  In/Near Shore

     Military Diving, Confined Spaces, Hazmat, EOD

     Scientific diving 

     Municipal and Industrial: Confined Spaces, Hazmat 

     Ship husbandry (internal & subsea)

 "Features & Function" PDF
and other Technical Documentation
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William Messner

William Messner
Founder, CEO, Designer
PonyPak, Inc.
5818 S. Archer, Suite #101
Summit, Illinois 60501

RIC & WHF Military Summer Camp 
for Disabled Vets

Disabled vets Scuba dive in Military Sports Camp, sponsored by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and The Wounded Heroes Foundation on July 23, 2016. This video was Recorded and Produced by William Messner